The Property Es Sequer

"Es Sequer" is located near the town of Petra in Mallorca. This olive grove is relatively young and covers an area of 20 hectares with more than 700 Arbequina and 100 Empeltre Mallorcan olive trees. All the oil sold is exclusively taken from the Arbequina trees.

The olive tradition in Mallorca

The Phoenicians and Greeks introduced olive trees to the Iberian Peninsula, from where they spread to Mallorca in the sixteenth century, so that the traditional groves are around 500 years old. Olive trees are so ingrained in Mallorca that popular belief assures that Mallorcan olive trees are a thousand years old. Oli des Mirant extra virgin olive oil is a traditional family enterprise in Es Sequer de Mallorca that has belonged to the Jaume family for five generations. The taste, aroma, texture and colour of our oil are influenced both by the local climate and the Mediterranean Sea.

The extra virgin olive oil from Mallorca